Vince Jewelers presents Guam’s largest and finest collection of exquisite jewelry for every occasion and budget.

For nearly 40 years, the Lin family has dazzled Guam with jewelry of the finest craftsmanship, quality and design. Vincent Lin honors and advances his family’s legacy at Vince Jewelers: pursuing the flawless balance of contemporary style and timeless beauty.

We specialize in jewelry of precious metals and precious or semi-precious gem stones. For jewelry of unique design, beautiful artistry and excellent craftsmanship, Vince Jewelers is built upon founder Vincent Lin’s many years in the profession. Vincent’s expertise was lovingly cultivated from an early age by his parents, Yihsiung and Linda Lin, both lifelong manufacturers and retailers of jewelry, first in Taiwan, and then for over 30 years in Guam.

Today, Vince Jewelers searches the world for diverse collections to suit classic, timeless tastes as well as the trendy and avant-garde.